Wednesday, July 15, 2015

BC Water Dispute with Nestle

Nestle produces tasty water.  We buy it at Costco for a good price.  Nestle pays an amazing price for it.  The unfortunate thing is that Nestle gets the water cheaper than those who live there.  Even more unfortunate is that there is a drought in BC and water is being conserved however Nestle is still taking large amounts of the water supply and selling it elsewhere.

A deal is a deal so we are not saying anything about price but we do feel that ethically, Nestle should cut back on its usage just like everyone else in the province through the time of drought.

If you feel the same then you can let them know by signing the petition or writing the BC Government.

BC Nestle Water Petition

Even more powerful is to discuss on twitter with Nestle.  Social media is powerful and may be even more so than a petition.  Twitter would spread worldwide like the forest fires in BC.

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